About Us

Cleaners Hertford was founded a few years ago and its main mission was to provide a large number of both local and non-local customers with exceptional quality house cleaning services at reasonable prices. Company management also wanted to incorporate a diverse range of domestic services all under one roof in order to save customers the hassle of looking through the offers of many service providers and getting lost in the sea of quotes, fictitious discounts and nitty-gritty terms and unmentioned conditions.

Cleaners Hertford thinks that dealing with one single service provider is the most sensible way to get the job done. Having to deal with numerous companies and juggling all the terms, prices and appointment times is pure nonsense, whereas dealing with a single company provides customers not only with great prices on service combinations or package deals but also gives them our undivided attention and best level of customer service. The provision of quality, well priced house cleaning services is indeed a good business idea, but it would have never taken off the ground if Cleaners Hertford hadn’t employed the right people. Naturally, we had to find and shortlist the best professional cleaners around. Once we made this happen, we put the selected few through an extensive course of additional company training to make them even better at what they do. We also selected a number of professional cleaners which were to be our specialized carpet and upholstery cleaning teams.

As one can imagine, operating steam cleaning equipment and its application to fine fabrics and pieces of furniture is intensive and high-skill task, but we can proudly say our technicians are amongst the most well prepared cleaners in the city and their results speak for themselves. We pay the same attention to the training and development of our customers service staff since we understand that quality cleaning is not enough to create a large customer base. Because of this, Cleaners Hertford has invested much time, effort and resources into its customer department and the investment is paying off with quality service range and satisfied clientele.