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Cleaners Hertford understands that house cleaning is not much more than a chore for most people, which is completely understandable as the last thing customers need on the weekend, is having to deal with tedious cleaning appointments which get rescheduled or cancelled and so forth. We know that having to deal with the cleaners at some stage is inevitable, but at the same time we have made keeping in contact with the company very easy and straightforward.

Our customers can take full advantage of our professionally trained customer department and contact us over the phone and have their service request and booking placed directly with one of our courteous consultants. Feel free to ask for additional technical or pricing information and if you want we can send it back to you on your email. Cleaners Hertford would like to reassure all its current and future customers that their personal information will not be misused in any way or form, the company has a strict personal information policy in place which is closely observed.

If your preferred way of communication is the internet, then by all means, jump on the computer and have a browse through our easy to navigate website. There customers can receive detailed service information and other technical details about our range of domestic services. Customers can also secure their booking using the service request form available online, for more information on booking a service online, please refer to the Booking A Cleaner section of this website. Customer queries and other relevant information requests can be submitted using the same form, please expect our response in the shortest time possible. Once your booking has been scheduled, one of our consultants will contact you back to confirm and clarify should the need be there.

In the unlikely event of cancellation or delays, Cleaners Hertford will immediately contact the customer and inform them of the changes taking place. We would like customers to do the same and inform us sufficiently in advance of any unforeseen changes, delays or cancellations on their behalf.